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Core Package
MERVBot (Build 46) (DLL 6.7) [Last updated Mar 25, 2005]
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Latest core Check the ./log/changelog.txt in the archive for version history.
This latest release includes a tiny fix for the encryption thanks to Cyan~Fire, but no new features.

MERVBot (Build 48) (DLL 6.7) [Last updated Aug 14, 2005]
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SOS' version SOS has been writing public mods for MERVBot for a while, and has decided to port the code for .NET languages. Here's the source code for building a MERV core with his modifications. I'll keep this as a separate release for a while, until its stability is proven.

MERVBot (Build 38) (DLL 6.5) [Last updated Jul 27, 2003]
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Older version of core, in case anyone needs it.
The tutorial source has been updated. (C++ source)

ConvAlias [Last updated Dec 24, 2002]
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Merry Christmas! Here's my present to those people who wanted to convert aliases from SS-Bot to MERVBot:alias.dll's alias.dat format. (C++ source)

FACTS [Last updated Jul 29, 2002]
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FACTS is used to generate .bmp files used by several plugins available on this site.

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